Recycle Printers and Parts

Recycle Printers and Parts

When you need to upgrade your old printers or dispose of printer parts and accessories, we can help. We operate a total recycling policy, preferring to refurbish and resell equipment to our worldwide network of customers. Only when equipment can not be refurbished and reused, do we break down into component parts and ensure they are recycled.

We can take your printers, printer parts, fusers, maintenance kits, toners, copiers and other printing accessories and ensure that your unwanted equipment is re-used or recycled in compliance with current legislation. 

Printers and Parts

We accept all makes and models of printers, from laser printers to dot-matrix and also printer parts.


When you upgrade your printer you may find you have a surplus of unusable toners. We will take your unused toner products, including open-box cartridges and boxes with minor cosmetic damage. 

Copiers and Fusers

If you have a copier you no longer use or need, we can help. We will also accept copier and printer fusers. If your printer doesn't work but the fuser still does we can re-use or recycle them.

Maintenance Kits

We can also accept any maintenance kits you no longer need.


Interested in talking to us about pre-owned printing appliances? Please get in touch: 01204 846314

Alternatively, you can email us here: sales@theprinterbroker.co.uk